Welcome to the Site of Sayfield International


Sayfield International is dedicated to supporting the Benelux market in improving the quality of using Multibody simulations (also called MB-Simulations) as an advanced CAE simulation tool.
We have been the primary ADAMS support point for this market since 1996 and intend to keep this as our core activity.
In close cooperation with our partners and resources at MSC.Software and at In Summa Innovation we promote the use of CAE simulations as an indispensable tool for all companies involved in Mechanical Engineering.

In order to reach this goal, our core activities are:




New Partnership between Sayfield and CM Labs


We at Sayfield are convinced that Real-Time simulations and use of Simulators will be a crucial element in Product Engineering and CAE simulations in the very near future. For this reason, we are now in contact with CM Labs, a Canadian based company providing both Real-Time simulation software and training simulators. CM Labs and Vortex simulations are rapidly gaining recognition in the Benelux market. A selection of customers in the Benelux area are companies like Allseas, Mammoet, Marin and NHLO. One result of this new partnership will be visible next month when the Vortex Advantage is on display for demos in the Sayfield offices. Reserve your Test Drive now.



The Vortex Advantage can be tested at Sayfield from November 21 untill halfway December. The first week is reserved for operator trainer demos and test sessions. In the remaining weeks, CM Labs and Sayfield will focus more on Engineering type demonstrations and test drives. Stay tuned to learn how we intend to shape these sessions, and how ADAMS/View customers can participate and benefit.


At this point, we can only state that it involves a newly developed translator from ADAMS/View to Vortex. As a result, models in a world clas Real-Time Simulator Code are created at the modelling accuracy of of a world class CAE MB Code in a few seconds.


We, at CM Labs and Sayfield, are just starting to realise the Engineering potential and power of combining uncompromised accuracy in Real-Time Simulations with uncompromised User Interaction and 3D Rendering quality.