Sayfield International considers its ability in performing top quality Multi-Body simulation consultancy to be its most valuable asset. In each project, we try to improve and expand on our 25 years of experience in using Multi-Body simulations for a wide range of applications.

In the Benelux market, Sayfield operates both as a single contractor as well as with its commercial partners in providing consultancy projects. Depending on the preferences or constraints of our clients we can offer consultancy projects both directly or through a quotation and invoicing from our mentioned partner companies.

Please contact us for a personal meeting and/or quotation.

We have successfully performed simulation consultancy in the following areas:

    • Education and University Research Development of student courses and teaching of students for technical institutes of both polytechnical and University level. Besides that, a number of our services have been focussed on bringing the use of multibody simulations at university laboratories on a higher level. In this aspect, we can mention our support to students and employees of the kite-power group at the TU Delft in the period from 2007 to 2011. With our help, this group has developed complex ADAMS simulation models for controlled kites and kite plane systems. The results of simulations performed with the models are still used in Ph.D. studies performed within this group.


    • Domestic Appliances Well known manufacturers of machinery for human personal care are making use of our services to create advanced ADAMS models of complex mechanisms. Many of which in very complex and challenging dynamic environments, involving extreme small parts in combination with large contact forces.


    • Offshore Industry The industry in the Netherlands is world-leading when it comes to applications in the offshore market. Several manufacturers of pipe laying vessels as well as manufacturers of onboard cranes and dredging are making use of our consultancy services.


    • Automotive Industry Several passenger car component suppliers are present in our consultancy customer list. Projects performed include a simulation of the failure modes of an innovative roof system as well as a simulation of complex heavily loaded components of the combustion engine of a passenger car.


    • Space Industry We have been involved in a number of projects for Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands. Amongst many other products, this company is a world-leading developer of advanced solar arrays for satellite systems. In a number of cases, our ADAMS simulation models have been able to support Airbus engineers in finding possible failures of the systems prior to the launch of the satellite.


    • Wheelchair Manufacturing Industry In the design of a novel wheelchair system with an extremely good level of ride comfort, a major question to be tackled was the life prediction of components in the wheel suspension. Our ADAMS simulations supported the decision process for using a certain material combined with a thickness of the suspension components with adequate fatigue behavior.


    • Rides and Roller Coasters Several companies are active in the Rides and Roller Coaster industry in the Netherlands. Both in supporting existing ADAMS users as well as in performing consultancy projects for non-ADAMS customers, we have been active in this challenging area of mechanical dynamics.


    • General Machinery Several of our consultancies was focussed on helping out manufacturers in this wide area of applications. Applications include support and education of engineers of a company developing machines to produce brushes and brooms as well as machinery for the production of rims for the automotive industry. For a producer of rotational compressors, Sayfield has supported in developing simulation models to improve the calculation of the noise level generated by these compressors.


    • Defense Systems We have worked with defense departments in the Benelux area in developing vehicle models to be used as a comparison to results of physical testing. In this area, our services have also been dedicated to reducing the recoil shock of machine guns used in combat situations.