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In 2019, Altair Engineering and Sayfield International started a partnership to stimulate the use of high-end Multi-Body simulations in the Benelux area. The expertise, available at Sayfield, in using and supporting MB simulations was welcomed at Altair and resulted in cooperation between the two companies to further stimulate the user base of Altair Engineering Dynamics products. In this cooperation, Sayfield will act as a commercial partner, training office and support point for a number of System Dynamics related products in the Hyperworks and Solid Thinking product suites such as Altair MotionSolve/MotionView, Inspire, Activate, and other products.

Besides this cooperative activity, Altair and Sayfield also work together in bridging the gap between high-end Multi-Body simulations and Real-Time simulations. As a result, MSVortex, a prototype model export from MotionView to CM-Labs Vortex has been developed in 2019 that will be put to the test at interested prospects in the near future.


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CM Labs, from the city of Montreal in Canada, develops and provides Real-Time training simulators for a wide range of training and Engineering purposes. As a Physics Engine to these simulators, it produces and commercializes the Vortex Real-Time simulation software platform.
In 2016, Sayfield International became an Engineering Partner of CM Labs. CM Labs and Sayfield are developing functionality to perform Real-Time simulations for Engineering purposes and being able to view these simulations in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).

This has lead to the development of:

  •  MSVortex: a prototype for an export facility from Altair MotionView to Vortex which was developed in close cooperation between Altair Engineering, CM-Labs, and Sayfield International.
  • A2Vx: an ADAMS/View to Vortex model export facility developed by Sayfield with technical assistance from CM-Labs.

As a result, models with the accuracy of the world-class CAE MB Codes Altair MotionView and MSC.ADAMS can be exported to the Vortex world-class Real-Time Simulator Code in a few seconds.

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In 2010, the Benelux MSC Software office was divided into a developer group, located in the Gouda office, and a group with its main focus on Benelux market activities. The latter group became the Innovation department of In Summa B.V. located in Raamsdonkveer in The Netherlands.
Several advantages can be mentioned for working from In Summa B.V. for the support and commercialization of MSC Software products. The main reason, however, is in the fact that companies like In Summa are better suited to operate on a local market level, both for supplying CAE services as well as for supporting CAE software products. At the same time, we have maintained close contact with the strategic partners and software developers at MSC Software offices worldwide.


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Sayfield International has been an agent and a daily user of ADAMS in the Benelux since 1996. In 2003, ADAMS became a part of the MSC Software portfolio, and since that date, Sayfield has closely cooperated with the Benelux MSC Software office in Gouda and In Summa in Raamsdonkveer.

This allowed Sayfield to focus on keeping its technical expertise on a high level for supporting ADAMS customers, doing advanced Multi-Body simulation projects and educating new ADAMS users at industrial customers and technical education institutes in the Benelux.