Multi-Body Simulation Projects & TKC Custom MSC.ADAMS Models

The TKC ADAMS Customisation toolkit is developed by, and used at Sayfield during the last 20 years. It represents our preferred method of modeling and model component management in ADAMS/View and has been used in some 50 different simulation projects in several application areas. The examples below illustrate a number of fields and applications developed using TKC.
In usage, TKC resembles the method of the template approach used in the MSC.ADAMS template-based products (ADAMS/Car, Vi-Rail, Vi-Aircraft, Vi-Engine). Our experience, however, is that TKC allows more flexibility and possibilities of inter-operability between different toolboxes defined.
At this point, the library of TKC toolkits is still expanding in functionality, and the Graphical User Interface is actively adapted to modern standards for model interaction.
If you are interested in an advanced MSC.ADAMS based model development environment that allows you to literally define new user toolkits in a matter of hours, including user-defined naming convention, user libraries, and user-defined model components and tools please contact us for a demonstration.

A taste of TKC is given in the animation below and the Software section of our site.

ADAMS customization toolkit based on TKC for modeling Kites and Kite components


Publications by Sayfield using MSC ADAMS after 1996

In 1996, Chris Verheul left TNO Automotive to start Sayfield International. In the same year, Sayfield became the Dutch agent for ADAMS (at that time still owned by Mechanical Dynamics Inc.).

This section shows some work he has done since then, using BAMMS as well as using ADAMS and (after 2003) MSC ADAMS.




  • ADAMS European User Conference, Berchtesgaden, Germany, November 14-15, 2001,
    Analysis of a Novel Solar Panel System with ADAMS,
    Chris. H. Verheul, Henk J. Cruijssen, Wouter van de Bos

    Curwin Solar Panels



  • 7'th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Weights & Dimensions,
    Delft, The Netherlands, Europe, June 16-20, 2002
    A Rail-Road Hybrid Vehicle: Dynamic Stability Analysis,
    Chris H. Verheul (Sayfield International), Joseph J.M. Evers (Delft Univ. of Technology)

    Hybrid Truck




Untill 1996

Publications concerning simulation work with BAMMS, a Multi-Body simulation code developed at the Delft University of Technology by Chris H. Verheul and Hans B. Pacejka.